Medinilla: Greenhouse Plants

T – tropical, minimum of 18°C (65°F)

Family: Melastomataceae

You will be very lucky to find any other species than Medinilla magnifica offered for sale but this is such a splendid plant that we should not be too downcast. It does need tropical conditions although it will survive lower temperatures during very short rest periods immediately after flowering when it can be kept drier. This plant from the Philippines will flower several times during the year; usually in May and June and again in the autumn or winter. The common name of Rose Grape is most descriptive as this is what the pinkish-purple flowers resemble, hanging down in a spectacular large bunch as they do. As a result these plants need to be displayed in a high place when in flower so that admirers can appreciate the full beauty of the flowers from below. When not in flower the large rounded leaves are attractive in themselves. Cuttings are of half ripe wood when you can bear to spare it. Plants are slow growing and will not need potting very often. The more warm, humid and well fed they are kept the more flowers they will produce.

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