Maurandia : Greenhouse Plants

C – cool, minimum of 7°C (45°F)

Family: Scrophulariaceae


These make attractive climbers for the cool or frost free house which although best treated as annuals can be pruned back after flowering and grown again. Seed should be sown early in spring at 15°C (60°F) to flower well in the first year. Maurandia barclaiana from Mexico has triangular leaves and rose-purple flowers produced during a long period between spring and autumn. M. erubescens has triangular downy leaves and large rosy-pink hairy flowers with a white tube produced during summer and autumn. M. scandens has smaller flowers that can vary in colour from pale mauve to a luxurious red. Whether grown in pots or planted out they will need the support of strings or wire for their vigorous climbing shoots. As an alternative to seed, cuttings can be taken from short side shoots.

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