Marjoram Herb to Grow Yourself

There are many different types of marjoram; wild marjoram is a sweetly scented bushy plant; sweet marjoram (O. majorana) similarly produces bushy growth, and both of these plants grow to 8-10in (20-25cm) in height. Pot marjoram (O. onites) is a lower-growing type, producing small mounds of foliage about 6in (15cm) high, and its fragrance is slightly less than that of the larger types.


Sow seed in early spring for summer cropping and maintain a warm, humid atmosphere; marjoram takes from two to four weeks to germinate and can be difficult to grow from seed. Pot on individually into 5in (13cm) pots or transplant into troughs at 9in (23cm) apart. A sunny position is essential. Remove flower buds as they appear to encourage new foliage growth.

Alternatively, obtain stem cuttings or rooted clumps from existing plants and pot them up in a light soil-based potting medium.

Culinary uses

Marjoram is a particularly sympathetic herb for use in nut, bean and pasta dishes, but more traditionally is associated with roast meats, poultry and game. It is a useful ingredient of sausagemeats and stuffings.

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