Lungwort/Pulmonaria rubra var. albocorollata

Although this species of Lungwort lacks the spotty leaves which give the genus its common name, it is a plant of value for the earliness of its flowering period. Beginning in January, it blooms well into early April, peaking in March; while the species bears brick red blooms, Pulmonaria rubra var. albocorollata has very pretty white flowers. Use Lungwort as a plant for shady patio beds, for tubs in shade, or even as a temporary plant for well-lit spots in Winter and early Spring; once flowering is over, the Lungwort should be cut back and tucked out of sight until the plant is clothed again in leaves, when it can be carefully placed to provide leafy effects in Summer shade. Alternatively, careful planning of permanent patio beds can ensure a succession of interest all year through: keep to the shade- and moisture-loving plants.

This perennial is fully frost-tolerant: it is a plant for cooler parts of the garden or patio.

Grow Pulmonaria rubra var. albocorollata in full or part shade: container- grown plants should be moved into shade before being scorched and overheated by the Summer sun.

This plant needs moist conditions for optimum growth; plants in beds in full sun will survive and flower quite well, but they will suffer if exposed to the drying sunshine of Summer.

As a plant which prefers moist shade, Pulmonaria has no need of any additional humidity.

Container-grown plants need no feed for the first year: thereafter, apply an organic feed (like fish fertilizer) each year in late Autumn.

Grow this plant in a free-draining, loam-based compost; garden plants should be planted in a well-prepared flower bed to which organic matter has been added (either well-rotted farmyard manure or garden compost or one of the proprietary products available). Divide and replant container-grown plants every three years, either in Autumn or Spring, after flowering.

In patio beds, underplant Lungwort with bulbs, like Muscari and white cottage Tulips, and mix in leafy Hosta for later impact: add a few Iris sibirica and a scattering of annuals for a charming effect.


Wilting: Few pests or diseases trouble this plant, but a lack of moisture will cause the foliage to wilt.

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