Laelia Orchids – Types of Orchids

Laelia Orchids

Lealia are very closely related to Cattleya. They are cared for in the same way and often crossed with each other. This genus, consisting of about 50 species, enchants the onlooker with the fiery shades of its flowers. In their countries of origin, Laelia are mainly epiphytic. There are also lithophytic species. The latter are sometimes called stone Laelia and are well worth trying by beginners, for example the cinnabar red Laelia cinnabarina. Laelia pumila, with its 10-cm (4 in) flowers is very attractive.

Laelia purpurata, the national flower of Brazil, is a proud beauty with purple-lipped flowers. And if you happen to be looking for an intense orange orchid, Laelia harpophylla has just what you need.

Laelia Orchids - Types of Orchids - Laelia Purpurata Origin:

tropical America.

Temperature range:

temperate, some a little cooler.

Flowering time:

varies depending on the species.

Colour of flowers:

red, orange, yellow, white and violet.


bright to semi-shady.


during spring and summer 18-24°C (64-75°F) during the daytime; during the night-time and during autumn/winter about 4°C lower (57-68°F).


during the summer, according to demand; during the winter only enough water to keep the plant from shrinking. Ensure there is enough humidity.


with every third watering during the growth period.


every two to three years.


See Essential Orchid Information – Repotting Orchids


from division of bulbs (See Propagating Orchids)

Pests, diseases:

watch out for stagnant air. Laelia will not take kindly to these conditions.


Laelia species


L. cinnabarina, L. purpurata


L. crispa


L. autumnalis, L. pumila


L. anceps, L. autumnalis, L. harpophylla




L. “Alma Wichmann”


L. “Max and Moritz”, L. “Wintermarchen”

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