Lady’s mantle: Alchemilla mollis

The Alchemilla genus that belongs to the Rosaceae family includes some 300 species of frost-hardy herbaceous perennials, native to Europe and Asia. A. mollis is particularly popular because of its beautiful, yellow-green flowers, which are borne in summer, and the grey-green, round, palmate or lobecl hairy leaves. A. mollis is also known under the name A. vulgaris. It is an ideal ground cover and excellent edging plant but it is also suitable for growing in a container. In addition, it is also a very good source of cut flowers. The serrated leaves divided into shallow lobes are very beautiful when covered in rain drops or dew. Alchemilla grows best in partial shade in a well-drained soil. It is trouble free and demands very little care. The seeds should removed as soon as they ripe because the plant spreads very quickly by self-seeding. In winter it should be cut back to the ground. Propagation is by division in spring.

14. November 2014 by admin
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