Kaempferia: Greenhouse Plants

W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Zingiberaceae

E. Tropical Asia

The main problem with this interesting group of plants will be finding them in the first place. They are not at all difficult to grow. In February they should be shaken out of last year’s dry soil and potted up into pans of peat-based compost. I do this because the first thing they do is flower. As the flowers appear at the soil surface they would look completely out of scale in a huge pot. Plant several tubers to a pan and water carefully as they grow. To display them I usually place sphagnum moss on the soil surface so that over enthusiastic watering will not blast soil all over them. The flowers are mostly purple and white and very exotic. This treatment applies to the stemless species such as Kaempferia angustifolia from the Himalayas and K. gilberti. After flowering I pot these up into proper pots as the attractive leaves are long and frequently patterned being mostly dark green above and purple below. By autumn the foliage will die down and plants should remain dry and warm until the following season.

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