Juniper/Juniperus x Media ‘Old Gold’

There are many sizes and forms of Juniper; the’ variable hybrid Juniperus x media has been used to produce numerous cultivars, of which Juniperus x media ‘Old Gold’ is held to be one of the best. This semi-prostrate Juniper is an ideal plant for use on the patio or terrace, and for a few years as a containerized plant – use a container of generous proportions, as the height and spread quoted opposite can be attained over a period of ten years; even so, ‘Old Gold’ is more compact than many of the prostrate Junipers.

The cultivar name correctly describes the colour of the foliage, which is retained throughout the Winter and looks particularly attractive when the new growth breaks in Spring. Grow juniperus x media ‘Old Gold’ with heathers or with other compact conifers for all-year-round colour.

This conifer is fully frost- hardy, and garden-grown plants will with- stand temperatures that are well below freezing. However, plants in containers are difficult to keep growing in extreme conditions: moist compost freezes or the compost becomes so dry that the plant’s fine root hairs die from drought; either way, Winter care is not easy. Keep this plant out of any drying winds, and out of hot sunshine in Summer.

This Juniper should be grown where it will receive full sun, without being cooked to death; the colour of the foliage will suffer if the plant is grown in shade.

Water Juniperus x media ‘Old Gold’ thoroughly, then allow the compost to dry on the surface before giving the next thorough watering:in Summer, ensure that the rootball does not dry out, and in Winter try to keep a balance. Junipers tolerate lime in the water and in the compost.

This plant need not be provided with any additional humidity: the leaves are quite tough and covered in a thick cuticle, which helps to prevent any desiccation of the foliage.

This Juniper should have no need of additional feed if repotted or top-dressed each Spring.

Top-dress container-grown specimens with fresh compost in Spring, incorporating a slow-release fertilizer into the compost. Grow this Juniper in a free-draining, loam-based compost.

The spreading habit of juniperus x media ‘Old Gold’ can be used effectively to disguise any manhole covers on the patio.


The Juniper Webber Moth may attack older plants, causing the foliage to turn brown and die off. Small brown caterpillars, pupae and webbing will be evident among the dying foliage from late July onwards. From then to late Autumn, use a contact insecticide to kill off the caterpillars.

The Conifer Spinning Mite may attack from early to mid Summer, causing yellow leaves, which may then drop; control any outbreak as soon as possible, using a systemic insecticide.

Brown foliage may be caused by cold dry conditions in Winter.

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