Is Gardening Magic?

There is no magic mystery about gardening.

Gardening basically is a matter of helping and aiding nature. Providing you have some soil and a few seeds you can have a garden with greenery, plants and flowers. If you look around at any vacant desolate spots which have been left unattended for many years such as old bomb sites or holes left from excavation, even old buildings, you will see things growing. Plants growing under these conditions have not been planted by man either expert or amateur. These plants have been planted by nature’s own hand with the aid of the birds, bees and winds. Provided there is some daylight, some moisture and variations of temperature you will always find something growing. The human being is supposed to be more intelligent than the birds and bees etc. so surely if they can aid nature there is no earthly reason why we cannot achieve at least as much as them. Whether you have a new or an old garden just look at it and see if there is anything growing. There are few plots of land about that have nothing growing, and if you have weeds you can be quite sure that with a few basic aids you can grow a large selection of other things too.

Let us suppose that you have recently moved into a new house with a plot of land which is in a terrible mess left by the builders. There is no need to despair. Left unattended for twelve months you would be surprised how many different types of plants had started growing. These, of course, would not be of your choosing but remember that most plants you will be buying, have an ancestry starting with the weeds you see on your plot.

The first step is to clear the plot of all the rubble for the time being and to camouflage it in a far off corner out of the way. You will find that a lot of the builder’s rubble will come in very useful when you get into the swing of gardening.

When the plot has been cleared, the time has come to decide whether a carefully planned show garden is wanted or simply a good basic start made on a garden slowly taking shape based on a certain amount of trial and error which will reflect your own personality.

23. August 2013 by admin
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