How to Prevent Garden Pests and Diseases

Preventing Garden Pests and Diseases

Happy is the gardener who has come to terms with garden pests and diseases. You do not want to be complacent about possible damage, or so conscious of the problem that it detracts from your enjoyment of the plants. As every professional gardener knows, and every amateur gardener would do well to remember, it is the less well-grown plants which succumb first to attacks from pests and diseases.

To obtain strong, healthy plants with high resistance to attack by outside agencies you must necessarily provide good growing conditions, and this is an important factor in pest and disease control. Another is to be one jump ahead of your enemy by taking preventive action as often as possible, before an expected attack develops.

How to Prevent Garden Pests and Diseases At first it may seem rather a burden to remember which foes attack particular plants at which season, but surprisingly quickly you will find that all this becomes almost second nature. Chemical manufacturers and the makers of spraying equipment have between them done much to make things easier for the gardener. I am thinking now of the multi-purpose sprays and dusts which are available in packages which make mixing and other preparation relatively foolproof — discounting those, of course, who never read instructions carefully. The equipment manufacturers, for their part, have not been slow to make use of lightweight plastic in their garden sprayers and these are available in a range to suit all gardeners’ needs and their pockets.

If I may summarise my views on garden pest and disease control, these are as follows:

1. Grow plants well to lengthen the odds against pest and disease attack.

2. Look ahead and take preventive measures whenever this is possible. When walking round the garden, you should also develop the habit of looking for early signs of attack on plants.

3. Apply garden chemicals at the right time and in the right way, which means reading the manufacturers’ instructions carefully.

4. Last but by no means least pay attention to garden hygiene. Many gardeners are asking for trouble because they do not bother to destroy diseased plant material immediately. For example,   if you have stored bulbs or fruit, for example, periodic inspections are a necessity.

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