How to Grow Sweet Peppers – Capsicum annuum

Sweet peppers – Capsicum annuum


Sweet pepper varieties include chilli peppers, and vary in colour and shape of the fruit. Most are green at first, but can become red, yellow, orange or purple-black when mature. Hot cayenne peppers are a different species (C. frutescens). Compact varieties of both types are good for growing in pots.

Sowing and planting

Sow and plant as you would tomatoes, but keep the plants warmer if possible. They grow more slowly, especially if the temperature is low, and can take ten weeks or more to be ready for planting out. Keep them with tomatoes in the crop rotation. They will do well in large 25cm pots on the greenhouse bench, which makes good use of space.

how-to-grow-sweet-peppers1 Growing

Pinch out the growing point when the plants are about 30cm high to encourage bushy growth. Tie them to short canes when the fruit forms, as they may become top heavy. They need good light and well-ventilated conditions.


Harvest from late summer to early autumn. For the best yield, pick early fruit when green to encourage more to develop. Leave later fruit to turn colour.

Pests, diseases, and disorders

The main problems are aphids, whitefly, and red spider mite.


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