How to Grow Savoy Cabbage

How to Grow Savoy Cabbage

Savoy – Brassica olerarea bullata major

This is a distinct member of the cabbage family developed in the French region of Savoy in the Middle Ages. It is of a more dwarf habit than the true cabbage, very hardy, with crinkled leaves. It forms a typical cabbage head with a solid heart. It is generally reckoned to be unwise to grow savoys in industrial areas since dust and soot are liable to settle on the puckered leaves, often making them inedible.

The plants like a soil containing plenty of bulky material and potash but less nitrogen, , since soft growth is not needed, and most need a long growing season. Culture is exactly the same as for the ordinary cabbages. There are early, mid-season and late varieties. The earlies need sowing in spring for maturing from late autumn.

how to grow savoy cabbage Maincrops are sown in summer for winter cutting, followed by the late varieties for cutting in spring.



Early: Early Drumhead, early and reliable. Best of All, first class. Savoy King, an F1 hybrid.

Mid season: Tom Thumb, forming a smaller succulent head. Lce Queen, a F1 hybrid, hardy and uniform. Late: Omega, forming large very hardy heads. Winter King, resistant to frost. Although often classed as a cabbage, January King produces its flattish heads throughout the winter, whilst the New January Prince, matures during autumn and early winter according to sowing dates.

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