How to Grow Parsley

How to Grow Parsley

Parsley – Petroselinum crispum

As far as can be ascertained this plant originated in Sardinia, which island has provided us with many valuable plants. Parsley has been in use for over 500 years and has health giving properties as well as improving the flavour of dishes.

Parsley rivals mint for popularity in shops, markets and the kitchen. There are several types although the most widely grown are the numerous curled or fern-leaved varieties and the broad or plain leaved sorts. Freshly gathered parsley is best, for dried specimens are poor, unless dried quickly.

With the aid of cloches and cold frames, it is possible to have sprigs available for cutting all  the year round. Seed is usually sown in succession, the first being made early in the year.

how to grow parsley For summer use, spring sowings are the most useful, while for plants to stand the winter, sowings should be made in summer. Parsley is notoriously slow in germinating. Some gardeners pour hot water over the ground where seed has been sown.

Early thinning is essential. As a rule, plants are of little value after the second year and are best discarded, a fresh sowing being made annually.

Parsley succeeds in well cultivated soil not lacking in humus materials. Make the rows 38 to 45cm apart, and thin the seedlings so there is 15cm between them.

There are very many superstitions connected with parsley, and some people consider it unlucky to give away the roots.


Hamburg Parsley – Carum petroselinum fusi-formis

This is a dual purpose vegetable, the roots being used like parsnips or carrots and the tops as parsley. This is not surprising when one remembers that parsley belongs to the same family as the carrot.

As the name suggests, this crop is much used in Germany where it is sometimes known as ‘Jews root’.

Sow the seed in deeply cultivated ground throughout the spring. Make the drills 6 mm deep and 38cm apart. Thin out the plants which grow 38 to 45cm high, so that there is 23cm between them. They like plenty of moisture during the growing season and should be kept free from weeds.

The roots can be used from early autumn. They are hardy and can be lifted as required or taken up and stored in boxes of moist sand. Well grown the roots will be 15 to 18cm long and look much like parsnips, but should not be peeled before using. Excellent grated raw and used in mixed salads, they should be grated just before use, otherwise they turn a light brown colour.

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