How to Grow Mustard – Brassica alba. Hirta

How to Grow Mustard

Mustard – Brassica alba. Hirta

White mustard is a member of the cabbage family and best known for its part in ‘mustard and cress’. It is an annual plant and a native of Britain.


Brassica sinapoioides nigra

Black or brown mustard is not really suitable for salad purposes, since the leaves are so hot and unpalatable. In the Eastern world black mustard grows to tree-like proportions.


Brassica nepus

How-to-Grow-Mustard Brassica nepus or Rape is often used instead of white mustard for salad purposes. Its leaves maintain their colour well and do not decay so quickly as mustard-an important point.

The culture of white mustard or rape is exactly the same as for cress. Sow in a temperature of not less than 10°C otherwise growth will be poor. Too much heat causes the leaves to become limp and thin. Mustard can be grown in the greenhouse, frame or under cloches.

Grown in the open, the foliage is liable to become gritty and beaten down by heavy rains. The aim should be to sow regularly and often and three days after cress if it is intended that both crops should mature together. For a square metre of mustard about 1/2lb of seed is needed.

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