How to Grow Kohl Rabi

How to Grow Kohl Rabi

Kohl Rabi – Brassica oleracea caulorapa

This crop must be grown quickly otherwise it becomes tough.

It should be used when the roots are the size of a cricket ball, when they have a distinct nutty flavour so long as they are used before they become large. A good substitute where turnips fail to succeed in light soils.

how to grow kohl rabi The edible portion of Kohl Rabi is the knob-like growth which appears just above ground level. This, however, should not be cooked in the same way as turnips but is best peeled and sliced before being boiled or steamed, although so long as the roots are used while they are small, it is not essential to peel them. Steamed roots can be fried when they become very tasty. Although there is a purple skinned variety, it is the green form which is most widely grown because of its tenderness.

Sow seed in spring, either broadcast or in drills 38cm apart and the roots will be ready from late summer onwards. Thin the seedlings so there is 15cm between them.

Kohl rabi is not particular as to soil as long as it contains plenty of humus matter and is well drained. This hardy plant normally comes through the winter unharmed although the roots will not keep for any length of time when stored.

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