How to Grow Corn salad

Valerianella eriocarpa

A hardy annual plant whose tender lettuce-like leaves make a tasty winter salad.

Soil and fertilizer requirements

Corn salad grows overwinter and needs a well-drained soil and a sunny, sheltered site. Ideally it should follow a well-manured summer vegetable in which case no fertilizer will be needed. It can also be grown during the summer months on deep, rich soils.

Sowing and crop management

For winter crops, sow at 14-day intervals from early August until the end of September. Further sowings in March and April will provide leaves in summer.

The plant grows to 15 to 20cm (6 to 8in). Seed should be sown thinly in 1-cm (l/2-in) deep drills 15cm (6in) apart. Thin the seedlings to 10cm (4in) apart as soon as possible. Late autumn and early winter crops can be produced by sowing 3 or 4 rows close together—10cm (4in) apart—in September and then covering with a cloche in mid-October. Be very careful when weeding the young seedlings.


In summer you can pick the whole plant, but in the winter and early spring cut 3 or 4 leaves from each plant at a time. Provided this is done carefully, corn salad will be a ‘cut-and-come-again’ source of green salad for a long period in the winter.

Suitable cultivars

‘Broad leaved English’: good, general purpose type.

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