How to Grow Chinese Cabbage

Brassica cernua

Chinese cabbage, or Pe-Tsai, has more resemblance to a large cos lettuce than to a true cabbage. The crisp, crunchy leaves may be cooked like ‘greens’ or they may be used in salads. As the name suggests it is also used in a variety of Chinese dishes.

Crop management

This crop is likely to run to seed unless care is taken to choose the correct sowing date. Avoid transplanting and be certain that plants are never short of water.

Sow the seed outside from mid-May onwards for successional cuttings. Drills should be 30 to 45cm (12 to 18in) apart with plants thinned to 30cm (about I2in) apart when large enough. Keep well watered to produce the lush, tender ‘hearts’ which are ready for cutting from mid-July onwards. Chinese cabbage is not winter hardy in the United Kingdom.

Suitable cultivars

‘Nagaoka 50 days’: F1 hybrid; tight, uniform heads. ‘Sampan’: F1 hybrid; less likely to ‘bolt’ than other varieties.

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