How to Grow Celeriac

How to Grow Celeriac

Celeriac – Apium graveolens rapaceum

The turnip-rooted or knob celery has the same flavour as that subject, with an extra nuttiness. Splendid for winter use it can be grown where celery has proved difficult to cultivate.

Celeriac is planted on the flat which means less work than is needed by celery. Best results come where an open sunny position is provided. Move the ground deeply during the winter adding farmyard manure or compost. Leave the surface rough for the weather to break down and apply a dusting of lime.

Sow seeds in a light compost in a cool greenhouse or closed frame where the temperature is about 15°C. Keep the compost moist to prevent a check. Subsequently harden off gradually, before planting out in spring.

how to grow celeriac It is helpful if mature compost or peat is worked into the bed. Alternatively, 3 or 4oz of hoof and horn meal to the square metre will be beneficial. Space the plants 30 to 38cm apart with 45cm between rows. Plant so the little bulbous-like roots just rest on the top of the soil. Remove side-shoots and make sure there is no shortage of moisture.

Except in cold districts where the roots should be stored in boxes of sand in a shed, this crop can be lifted as required. During the winter a covering of straw or bracken will be helpful. As a protection against early frosts the plants can be lightly earthed up. Celeriac can be shredded or grated and eaten raw in salads or boiled like other root crops.

Varieties. Giant Prague, hardy; Early Erfurt, a smaller, earlier variety and Globus of good flavour and cooking qualities.


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