HORSE-RADISH (Cochlear iaarmoracid)

The roots of horse-radish produced in the average amateur’s garden are thin, woody and inferior in quality. There is no reason why reasonably thick, succulent roots should not be grown. They do not need a very rich soil; ordinary well-dug soil with a layer of manure in the bottom of each trench makes a satisfactory bed. Heavy soil should be lightened, and light soil made moisture-retaining by the usual methods.

Straight pieces of root, each with a crown, should be selected in February, and planted in the prepared ground about 1 ft. apart each way, the crowns being 5 or 6 in. below the soil surface. No attention is necessary beyond that of keeping the plot free from weeds. Good exhibition roots can be grown in this way.

02. September 2013 by admin
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