Herb Growing: Bay Leaves

In open ground the aromatic bay can attain tree-like growth, but kept in a large tub can be trimmed to maintain a compact, attractive shape which provides flavourful leaves all year round.


Obtain a young plant and grow on in good-quality soil-based potting medium. Provide a warm, sunny location. Pot on as necessary until the shrub can be maintained permanently in a large tub, keeping the growth trimmed to control size. Bay can be propagated by stem cuttings taken in summer and rooted in sandy soil. Take leaves at any time of year for use fresh or dried.

Culinary uses

Bouquet Garni

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Bay is an ingredient of bouquet garni, along with parsley, thyme and marjoram. It provides subtle flavouring for casserole dishes, stews and roasted meats, fish and fish stock; remove the bay leaves at the serving stage or before eating. It may be added to marinades, and imparts a delicate flavour if infused in milk to be used for making sauces.

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