Helxine : Greenhouse Plants

C – cool, minimum of 7°C (45°F) / W – warm, minimum of 13°C (55°F)

Family: Urticaceae


Helxine soleirolii is better known as ‘Mind Your Own Business’ and I dare say that those gardeners who pull it out of their badly drained gardens as a weed think that others are mad for cultivating it as a greenhouse plant. I think that well-grown plants frothing over the edges of small pots placed as edging plants to the staging are most attractive; especially the silver, variegated and gold forms which are now available. Although plants like moist conditions they will not benefit from overwatering, especially if the water is aimed on top of the mound of foliage in the middle of the pot; it will soon rot and die. A little care taken to water under the foliage will pay dividends. Propagation is very simple. A small tray or pot can be filled with small bunches of foliage pulled carefully away from older plants and inserted as clumps into cutting compost. Once rooted and growing they can be potted separately.

17. July 2013 by admin
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