Guide to Growing Figs

Guide to Growing Figs

These can be grown outdoors in the milder parts of the country, or under glass anywhere. The position chosen outdoors should be as sunny and sheltered as possible — for example, against walls facing south or south-west.

Plant in March or April in a border 2ft. deep and 3ft. wide, enclosed with a brick or concrete wall. The planting mixture for figs should consist of 2 parts fibrous loam and 1 part brick rubble. This restriction of the roots is to curb the production of top growth which is otherwise liable to be made excessively at the expense of fruiting.

Guide-to-Growing-Figs Emits may be borne along the entire length of previous year’s shoots, but only one crop at the base of the young shoots is borne outdoors in England. Prune in April or October, simply removing damaged, dead or weak branches. Pinch the points of vigorous young shoots in July. Apply liquid manure once in August to trees bearing heavily. Figlets the size of filberts should be picked off in September or October as these are unlikely to produce usable fruits. Protect the branches in December with straw or mats, removing these in April.


Figs Under Glass

When growing figs under glass, the compost, position and time of planting are the same as for planting and growing outdoors. The branches should be trained up the roof or against the wall. The fruits are borne on shoots of the previous year’s growth for the first crop and those of the current year for the second crop.

Prune and pinch as described for outdoor cultivation, and disbud young shoots when too many buds are forming. Water and syringe freely in summer, and apply liquid manure occasionally. Propagation. Increase by cuttings of firm young shoots in autumn, inserted singly in pots filled with sandy soil and plunged in a frame or cool greenhouse.



Of those available, Brown Turkey is, perhaps, the best for outdoor and indoor cultivation.

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