Guide to Growing Cucumbers

Guide to Growing Cucumbers

These can be grown in either heated greenhouses or in frames on a hot bed, but the best and biggest crops are obtained from greenhouses. For this purpose seed should be sown singly in small pots in a temperature of 18 to 21° C. (65 to 70° F.) at intervals from January until the end of April. Water rather freely throughout.

The fruiting beds should be prepared either on the floor of a low span-roofed greenhouse or on a flat staging in a taller structure. In either case the rooting medium should be rich compost of fibrous loam, leafmould and well-rotted manure. A ridge of compost about 15in. wide and 7in. deep in the centre is sufficient for young plants. When roots appear on the surface they should be covered with a thin layer of rich, light compost similar to that used in the preparation of the ridge. The plants should be from 3 to 5ft. apart, and the shoots must be tied to wires strained lengthwise along the house.

guide to growing cucumbers Main growths may be allowed to run until they reach the apex of the roof. Side growths are trained horizontally and are pinched at the second leaf joint. The plants should be syringed daily with tepid water and must be shaded from strong sunshine. Weak liquid manure can be given as soon as the first fruits begin to develop. In heated frames cucumbers can be planted in April, and in unheated frames at the end of May or early in June. For this purpose seed should be sown as for indoor cucumbers but in March.

Ridge cucumbers, which are much hardier than any other kind, can be planted outdoors, in early June, on ridges of good soil built pp in a sunny, sheltered position. They should be watered freely during the hot weather. The seed of this type of cucumber should be sown in April.



These include Butcher’s Disease-resisting (a sound old variety); Improved Telegraph (especially recommended for frame cultivation); and Simex (one of the new completely, non-bitter, all female, Fl hybrids). A good ridge variety is Baton Vert, also an Fl hybrid).

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