Growing Tarragon in the Garden

There are two types of this herb and the best to grow is French tarragon (the other is called Russian tarragon) which has the stronger flavour for culinary use. It is a spreading, bushy plant up to 15in (38cm) high.


Tarragon can be grown from seed sown in spring, but it is quicker to obtain a small pot-grown plant or to take cuttings which should be potted up in a light soil-based medim. As the plant increases in size, transfer it to a 5in (13cm) pot and trim the stems to keep the shape compact. Pot on as necessary up to a 9in (23cm) pot size. Pinch out flowering shoots as they appear.

Culinary uses

Tarragon is a useful ingredient of sauces and dressing, notable as an essential ingredient of Sauce Tartare. In main dishes, it is highly complementary to chicken and turkey, fish and eggs.

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