Growing Spinach

Spinach: grow as for the usual outdoor crop, in rows 30 cm .(12”) apart, thinning the plants as necessary to a 15-20 cm (6-8”) final spacing. One or two rows are grown under each row of cloches, depending on the dimensions of the cloches. By using cloches, you can start to sow in late winter, using those varieties which are least likely to bolt. You can also use cloches to protect the winter crops from hard weather and keep them clean.

Tomatoes: ground preparation and cultivation is similar to the outdoor crop. Raise plants in heat, ready for setting out under cloches in mid- to late spring, according to the district and season. Varieties grown as single cordons can be spaced at 45 cm (18”), but those grown as bushes must be planted 60 cm (2’) apart. Tall cloches are necessary for this crop, which is uncovered when the shoots reach the top panes.

Tie the plants to short canes inside the cloches when they need staking. The canes can be prevented from flopping about by securing a length of wire to a short stake in the ground at one end of the row, looping the wire tightly round each cane until the other end is reached. Secure this end of the wire to another similar stake. You should do all this before you cloche the plants. Feeding, watering and mulching require attention, as does side-shooting and stopping.

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