Growing Rhubarb

Growing Rhubarb

Single roots with crowns should be planted 2in. below the surface of the soil 3ft. apart in autumn or early spring in rich, well-cultivated soil in sunny, open positions. Topdress with manure each February, forking it into the soil surface. The plants should be lifted, divided and replanted every four years. No stalks should be gathered the first year. It is necessary to remove all flower stems directly they appear.

Rhubarb can be raised from seed sown in a frame in March or in a prepared seed bed outdoors in April. Sow the seeds 1in. deep in rows 1 ft. apart and thin the seedlings to 6in. apart as soon as they can be handled. They will be ready to move and be planted in their permanent quarters in the autumn.

Guide-to-Growing-Rhubarb When forcing rhubarb, the crowns should be covered with pots or tubs in January or February, these being covered in turn with fresh manure mixed with leaves. Strong roots can also be lifted and placed close together in deep boxes underneath the staging in a warm greenhouse, a shed or cellar. They should be kept moist and dark in a temperature of 13 to 24° C (55 to 75° F). The forcing season is from November — February, and roots two to five years old are the best for this purpose. Roots force more readily if exposed on the surface to frost for a few days before being brought inside.

Varieties: These include Glaskin’s Perpetual and Victoria.

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