Growing Red and White currants

Red currants

Red currants, along with their close relative the white currant, bear their fruit upon the old wood rather than on recent growth as with black currants. Two year old bushes should be planted 6 ft. apart during November in well drained soil, and finally the soil should be covered with a thick layer of straw, up to 1 ft.


After planting the branches should be reduced in length to about a half, and cut just above an outward pointing bud. Repeat this each winter for the next three years and cut back all side growth (laterals) to no more than two inches from the main leaders.


Laxtons No. 1 and Red Lake Both these varieties crop well with brilliant red berries. Both tend to grow well in an upright way.

White currants

White Dutch and White Versailles – In each case the fruit is of good quality and crops heavily.

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