Growing Raspberries

The soil in which raspberries are to be grown should be well dug over in early autumn and a good quantity of well rotted compost incorporated. The planting of canes should be done during the winter months and be set at the same depth as before they were lifted at the nursery. This can be quite clearly seen by the marks left on the canes.

In the following February the canes should be cut down to about 1 ft. above soil level and just above a bud. The canes will then grow up and may be tied to supporting wires in the way shown.

Planting raspberry canes

After preparing the soil the canes should be planted 18” apart and suitable supports arranged. If more than one row is required allow 5 feet between the rows. Planted during the winter months the canes should be cut down to 1 ft. in the first February to encourage growth.


Each year when the canes have finished fruiting the old wood, from which the fruit was picked, should be cut down to ground level and the new young canes left to grow up as before. A thin layer of compost spread along the row in May will help to feed the canes.


Mailing Promise – This raspberry has a good flavour and will yield a good crop of large fruit. This is also an early variety.

Mailing Enterprise – A much later variety, also having a good flavour and rather darker in colour.

Care should be taken to buy raspberry canes from a reputable nursery who can offer a Ministry of Agriculture certificate stating that they are virus-free.

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