Growing Mulberries

The mulberry bush grown for fruit is Merus nigra, which needs little or no pruning. The best variety, Large Black, bears delicious dark red fruits of a slightly acid flavour.

Mulberries will do well either on cultivated ground or on grass. The type of soil does not matter provided the position is sunny and the soil is not sodden. They grow very slowly but eventually take up about 30 ft. of space.

It is inadvisable to dig deeply round a mulberry tree at any time as the roots are apt to bleed if they are injured.

Buy three-year-old plants and plant in November. Dig out a hole 8 in. deep and 2 ft. across and spread the roots out carefully. Replace the soil and tread down firmly. Provide each tree with a good stake and tie with a proprietary plastic strap.

Unfortunately the fruits do not all ripen at the same time. The simplest way of harvesting, therefore, is to place old sheets under the tree on which the fruits will drop when ripe. They can then be collected easily and will not get dirty.

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