Growing Japenese Wineberries

This fruit is a species of raspberry. The plant grows 7 or 8 ft. high and is often used as a climber over arches. It is extremely decorative, the stems and foliage being covered with woolly bristles. The berries are round, bright orange in colour and very juicy with a pleasant sweet taste. They are enclosed in hairy sepals which open up when the fruits ripen, generally in early August. Since all the berries on a spray ripen at the same time, cut whole sprays instead of picking the berries individually.

There are no varieties; simply ask for Rubus phoenicolasius.

Any good garden soil will do. Fork it over well and add well-rotted compost or sedge peat at the rate of 2 bucketfuls per sq. yd. At the same time apply fish manure at I oz. persq.yd.

Plant canes 5 ft. apart at any time between the beginning of November and the end of February when there is no frost.

If not being used as climbers, put in the plants 4 ft. square.

Prune as for blackberries, cutting away the old canes when they have finished fruiting and then tying up the new canes in their place.

In some soils where the Japanese wineberry canes are too vigorous, move one or two of the older canes at the end of each season and prune back their tips in February by about 1 ft.

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