Growing Garlic

The powerful flavour and odour of garlic make it very much a matter of personal taste. Devotees will use it raw and cooked in a wide range of dishes, so it is useful to know that new bulbs can be easily grown from garlic cloves. The plants grow to 12in (30cm) or more high, but it is what remains below the soil that is of interest.


Separate the cloves in a garlic bulb and discard the smallest. Plant a single clove to a small pot in a rich, fertile growing medium. Stand the pots in a sunny location. Pot on the growing plants as necessary to allow space for the bulb to develop. The bulb is lifted when the leaves of the plant begin to die down; it may take about 6 months to obtain a harvest; for example, from early spring planting to autumn lifting. Hang the bulb to dry in a lightly-shaded, airy position, and discard leaves and stems to use the cloves only.

Culinary uses

Some people never develop a taste for garlic; others feel no recipe is complete without it. Commonly used crushed or finely chopped, garlic provides piquant flavouring for foods of all kinds – soups, sauces, stews; meats, vegetables and pulses. For salads, it can be crushed or chopped into a dressing, or the salad bowl can be rubbed with a garlic clove before the fresh vegetables are put in, to impart a mild garlic flavour.

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