Growing Garden Sage

The strongly fragrant, grey-green leaves of garden sage are associated with traditional recipes for roast meats and poultry, hut there are many types of sage, including hushy plants up to 2ft (60cm) high and compact dwarf varieties. Golden and red-leaved varieties are decorative.


It is not easy to grow sage from seed and as a single plant provides plenty of fresh foliage, the easiest way to start your supply is to buy a small pot-grown plant. Alternatively, take cuttings in spring from an established plant. Pot up the sage in light, free-draining soil and keep it in a sunny, warm location.

Culinary uses

Sage has a strong flavour complementary to rich meats and is particularly associated with lamb and veal. It can be used in cooking roast meats and as an ingredient of stuffing mixtures. The taste also blends well with the stronger-tasting cheeses, and with cooked cheese.

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