Growing Endive

Endive: the mid- and late summer sowings are the most favoured, providing a valuable autumn salad when lettuce tends to be scarce. This crop should be treated like late lettuce, and is covered with cloches in early autumn. You can do this by covering only short sections of the row at a time so that the plants produce a succession of crops instead of all maturing at the same time. When endive is to be blanched, begin two or three weeks before they are needed. The easiest way to blanch endive under glass cloches is to whitewash the insides of the cloches and the end pieces of the row thoroughly and leave the now opaque cloches over the plants for about two weeks. Alternatively, cover the cloches with black polythene sheeting, weighted down with bricks.

Growing Lettuce

31. August 2013 by admin
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