Growing Dill

This is a plant that can grow to 3ft (90cm) tall, though it will usually achieve less height when pot-grown. The feathery green leaves are as attractive as they are aromatic and the seeds produced by the large flowerheads are also useful for cooking.


Dill is relatively easy to grow, unfussy about the type of soil as long as it is well drained. Sow seeds in a large pot in spring and allow them to germinate in the dark; this takes about 14 days. Move the emerging plants to a sunny position. Pot on into larger containers if necessary; dill is quite a large plant which needs good root space. Harvest the leaves when the plant is about 12in (30cm) high. Pruning controls the spread of the mature plant, and the primings are not wasted as they can be used for cooking.

For a long growing season, sow successionally during spring and early summer.

Culinary uses

Dill is particularly associated with fish dishes, and also goes well with lamb and chicken. It is a good addition to sauces, mayonnaises and salad dressings. The seeds can be used as well as the leaves; these are harvested as they turn brown, dried on the seedheads and shaken loose. Dill seed is an important ingredient of pickles and can be used in baking sweet pies and cakes.

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