Growing Cherries

There are two main types of cherry, the sweet dessert and the sour or cooking. The methods of growing and cropping them are quite different, but it is easier to grow sour cherries in a garden because they present fewer problems of pollination than the sweet varieties, and the birds leave them alone.

Further, the sour cherries crop comparatively early, but the sweet cherries take a good many years before they crop satisfactorily.

Sweet cherries are more fussy about soil than any other fruit. They require good drainage and this is why they do well on the chalky soil of Kent and in the deep, sandy soil found in Norfolk.

Do not dig manure into the soil before planting. It is always better to apply it as a top dressing in May after planting or, alternatively, to use a mulch of sedge peat l in. deep.

Birds present a big problem in the growing of sweet cherries and other fruits, and it may be necessary to cover the branches with fish netting during ripening time.

Pick the cherries the moment they are ripe and not before.

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