Growing Broad Beans under glass

There is no value in growing broad beans as an out-of-season glasshouse crop as they will not set flowers and produce beans. As they are so hardy there is little point in growing them under glass in season either. Nevertheless, broad beans can be sown in pots, either in an unheated glasshouse or in a cold frame, in mid- or late winter and then planted out in early or mid-spring for an early crop. Use one pot for each seed so that the root is disturbed as little as possible when transplanting. Remember that the germination rate is only 75%3 so allow for this by sowing a few more seeds than you actually need. 2

Raising in pots and then planting out is often the only way of getting early broad beans in areas where winters are too severe for autumn planting and the ground is unsuitable to work before late mid-spring.

29. August 2013 by admin
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