Growing Blackcurrants

These bushes are easy to grow and take up little space in a small garden. They can be planted in any open ground and need no support. It is far better to purchase them from a reputable nursery which has been certified disease free by the Ministry of Agriculture. The bushes should be bought as two year old stock and planted deeply in the soil which, if heavy, should have a top dressing of compost spread around the established bushes. Planting should take place in November.


In the February following planting, the bushes should be cut down to a height of 2” from the ground. Following this do not prune for the next two years and after the third year remove about one third of the growth every year. Most of the fruit is grown on wood produced the previous year so when pruning remove only the older wood.


Boskoop giant

Very heavy cropper even during the first season.


Plentiful large fruit for mid-season harvesting.

25. August 2013 by admin
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