Growing Blackberries

Blackberries can be grown against walls or fences and if these are not available can be simply supported on wires which are held in place by stout posts. The best time to plant is between October and March and because of their rapid growth they should never be planted closer than about 10 feet.

When the bush is planted select about six healthy branches and tie them in the shape of a fan onto the wire supports. Remove all the remaining branches down to ground level. During the following summer, new canes will grow up and these can be tied together up the centre of the fan as these will be the canes on which the following year’s fruit is borne. “When the year’s crop has been harvested the old canes should be removed and the young ones reduced in number to again about six, and fastened in the same fan shape to await the following crop of fruit.


Bedford giant – An early ripening blackberry of good flavour, fruit can be picked from July each year.

Himalayan giant – This variety fruits heavily but at the same time grows vigorously and should be given more space than the average blackberry, probably as much as twelve feet apart.

Pruning blackberries

While the framed wood is fruiting, new growth will appear and should be tied up the centre of the bush. Six healthy shoots may then be selected to replace the old growth for the following season and any extra growth cut down to ground level.

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