Guide to Growing Artichokes

Guide to Growing Artichokes

Artichokes, Globe

A vegetable grown for its flower heads, which are cooked and the scale leaves eaten as a delicacy. Plants can be grown from seed sown in a frame in March or outdoors in April, but a better method is to detach offsets in early April from plants known to produce good crops. These offsets are planted 3ft. apart each way in fairly rich soil that has been well dug, and in an open position.

Mulch with manure in May and remove all flower stems the first year. Best results are obtained in the second and third years when flower heads should be gathered regularly as soon as they are plump and before they start to expand. Remove dying leaves in autumn and protect the crowns from frost with dry straw or bracken.

How-to-Grow-Artichokes Varieties. These include Green Globe and Purple Globe.


Artichokes, Jerusalem

These are grown for their tuberous roots which are cooked and served in a similar manner to potatoes. They are very hardy and easily grown in any ordinary soil and an open position. Plant the tubers in February, 6in. deep and 15in. apart, in rows 2f ft. apart. Hoe them occasionally, drawing the soil towards the rows, and lift them as required for use in autumn and winter. The stems grow to a height of 6ft. or so and make a good temporary screen for, say, a compost heap or anything else best hidden.


Chinese artichokes –  Stachys affinis

These produce ivory-white tubers which can be used throughout the winter, either cooked or in salads.

Growing about 45cm high, they should be planted in spring covering the tubers with 15cm of soil. They do best in well drained loam. Wet soil causes the tubers to rot. The addition of peat or other humus forming matter leads to good growth and an easy to lift crop. Choose an open sunny situation spacing the tubers 45cm apart.

The tubers are ready for lifting from early autumn onwards, and should be stored in sandy soil or silver sand. Left exposed, they soon shrivel and become useless. It is darkness that keeps the skins white. Exposed to the light, they become yellow and less attractive.

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