Grow Your Own Chives

The long tubular leaves of chives grow in grass-like clumps 10-12in (25- 30cm) high and it is these, not the fine onion-like white bulbs, which plant. Attractive purple flowers are borne on tall straight stems above the foliage and as the plant does not need full sun all the time to grow well, it makes an attractive feature on any brightly-lit windowsill.


Sow in early spring and pot on the young plants when large enough to handle to 6in (15cm) apart; chives grow well in a trough or large pot as they need a reasonable amount of root space. Provide a light, soil-based growing medium and water generously. Cut the leaves from close to the base of the plant during summer.

Alternatively, you can start your stock from a bought pot-grown specimen, or ask a gardener friend for a divided section from an existing clump.

Culinary uses

Use chives fresh, or chop them for freezing; they are not suitable for drying. The mild onion flavour is an excellent addition to sour cream and yoghurt dressings, sandwich fillings, cream and cottage cheeses and fresh salad vegetables. Chives are particularly good sprinkled over hot potatoes or cold potato salads, but this is one of the most versatile herbs which can be used quite freely.

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