So far nothing has been said about the position of greenhouses and frames, sheds, and rubbish “dumps,” which are so often the cause of failure in garden beautification. Of the really unsightly sheds and dumps all one can say is that they are best placed out of sight; that is, surrounded by a high hedge or screen. The greenhouse should not be an eyesore. It ought to be made beautiful both in design and ornamentation, ie. externally and internally. Properly managed, a greenhouse can be colourful all the yed.r round, and certainly the side on which one approaches it should be kept gay with bright pot plants.

For utilitarian purposes a greenhouse is best erected in the warmest, sunniest part of the garden, so that the minimum of artificial heat is needed. It should preferably be a span-roof structure, running north and south, with the door at the south end. It is unnecessary to say more at this point, except to stress the fact, that, given good architectural lines, and good cultivation, the greenhouse can, and should be, an asset to the garden artist, and should form an integral part of the garden design.

04. September 2013 by admin
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