Geum x Borisii

This is a useful and easy perennial which produces blooms in early Summer; Geum x borisii has intensely coloured, single orange flowers which wave gaily above the massed clumps of mid green leaves. This is an undemanding plant for early Summer; once flowering has mostly ceased, it can look a bit scruffy. The flowers are useful, if short-lived, as cut blooms and add a richness of colour which is not easy to find; plants are somewhat variable and some bear flowers with golden yellow stamens. Grow Geum x borisii with dwarf golden-flowered Hemerocallis or with deep blue Salvia. In tubs, use it to give height without mass, as the leaves cluster well below the flower stems.

This plant is fully hardy when grown outdoors in the open garden; pot-grown specimens may suffer if the area of roots is limited, especially if the rootball is allowed to freeze.

Grow Geum x borisii in full sun; the intense orange of the flowers will ‘glow’ on plants positioned in sunshine.

Keep this plant well watered: water thoroughly, then again once the surface of the compost begins to dry. Keep the compost just moist in Winter.

This tough perennial has no need of any additional humidity; the moisture requirements will ensure that the air around the plant is well charged with moisture.

If grown in containers in fresh compost each year, this plant should not need feeding until well past mid Summer; thereafter, feed every fortnight, using a proprietary plant food. Stop feeding in September.

Repot and divide pot-grown plants each Spring; use a free- draining, loam-based compost. Plants in the open ground should be lifted and divided every 3-4 years.

After the first flush of bloom, scruffy plants can be rejuvenated, but no later than mid August. Chop the whole clump back to about 10cm (4 in) from the top of the crown, then water it well; regrowth is rapid and a second flush of bloom is not unknown. This also ensures that a good-looking leaf clump will adorn the garden through the Winter.


Dry roots will cause the plant to wilt and shrivel: keep well watered at all times, especially if placed in full sun. Old plants die off in the middle of the main clump: lift and divide regularly to keep stock in good health.

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