Gentian: Gentiana

The Gentiana genus, a member of the Gentianaceae family, is common in all the temperate regions, mostly in mountain and forest areas. The large, trumpet- or bell-shaped flowers are usually bright blue but they also come in white and red. They are produced from spring until autumn, depending on the species and variety. The lime-hating, stem-less species like Gentiana clusii that flowers in spring or G. sino-ornata which flowers in autumn are particularly attractive. They need an acid, moist soil and prefer partial shade. As a result they are ideal for combining with ferns such as Dryopteris. The summer dowering gentian G. septemfida var. lagodechiana, on the other hand, bears flowers on stems 30 cm (12 in) high and will also grow in the sun in calcareous soil. The smaller, robust varieties are ideal for growing in containers. However, they should be covered in winter to protect them from the cold. They are raised from seed in autumn but they can also be propagated by division.

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