Tubs can be a very ornamental and dignified addition to a garden scheme if the right plants are chosen.

Ornamental garden tubs can be purchased, but these are expensive. A rain tub, cut in half makes two very serviceable tubs at a reasonable cost.

When the tub has been cut, burn half a dozen or more holes, an inch in diameter, in the bottom, in the same way as is done for window-boxes. This allows free drainage.

As the box is filled each drainage-hole should be covered with crocks, concave side down. This keeps the holes clear of soil. Decayed leaves or coco-nut fibre come next, followed by mortar rubble, mixed with the roughest of the soil, with a covering of fine soil on top. The soil should be fairly rich, with plenty of bone-meal added.

Plants recommended for window-box culture are also suitable for growing in tubs. In addition, Agapanthus, the Blue African Lily, is an excellent plant for tub culture.

Dahlias too, may be grown to advantage, and so also can formal topiary specimens, or Pyramid Conifers, Standard Brooms, Lilacs and Fuchsias.

Bulbs can be planted in association with shrubs, and most attractive schemes are possible with such spring beauties as deep blue and golden-yellow Crocus, blue and white Chionodoxas, scarlet Tulip, and dark-green or gold evergreens.

Lilies, Funkias, Ferns, Ivy, Solomon’s Seal and Virginia Creeper are other plants for growing in tubs, especially suitable where the situation is comparatively sunless, as in a small paved town garden, or on a balcony or terrace facing north or west.


One point should be noted especially concerning tub-culture. Watering must be regular, and thorough. If a tub once dries out, the soil cracks away from the sides, leaving a cavity. Water given after this usually drains rapidly away without soaking the hard ball of soil, and fatalities occur. Keep the soil moist by daily watering, rather than try to soak the soil at rare intervals.

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