As far as we know, when the human race emerged from the animal state and began to manipulate other forms of life for its own needs, the first step in this direction was the cultivation of plants. Before that time, our ancestors undoubtedly lived on the natural fruits and wild animals, and in time of shortage no doubt many of the human race succumbed to the effects of famine.

With the increase of intelligence, however, man discovered that by collecting seeds, and moving plants, he could make alterations in the natural vegetation, and could thereby supply himself with food with more certainty and regularity than was possible before.

We do not know how soon in the course of evolution man began to realize the aesthetic possibilities of gardening, but we know that some of the earliest works of art drew their inspiration from field flowers. Lilies, apparently of the Madonna type, are outlined on many of the early vases, and it is reasonable to suppose that, although food supplies were the first objective of primitive man, he was also somewhat affected by the beauty of the flowers and the plants that he began to cultivate.

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