Garden Incinerators and sterilization

You should make every effort to keep your garden and greenhouse as clean and tidy as possible. This is desirable not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it will greatly reduce the chances of your plants suffering from pests and diseases. This in turn will save you money, as well as avoiding the wastage of the crops themselves and of the time and effort spent in growing them.

A messy garden or greenhouse, containing decaying plant debris and sickly plants, will encourage pests by providing hiding-places for them, and pests and diseases will spread more easily if weeds are allowed to grow, as they will use the latter as host plants.

This matter of host plants for pests and diseases is often overlooked. Weeds are frequently culprits both in the garden itself and also on nearby waste ground or neighbouring gardens. For example, whitefly often form colonies on stinging nettles and will fly from there to gardens and greenhouses in the vicinity. Other wild plants harbour greenfly in vast numbers, and some trees act as host plants for some stages in the life cycle of fungus diseases. This is a good reason for avoiding siting a greenhouse near large trees (also, trees cast shade and branches may fall onto the roof and damage it). It is always wise to gather leaves in the autumn and burn them if fungus diseases, such as rusts, mildews and moulds, have been troublesome.

If clean and tidy working is adopted as a routine, and a little done from day to day, you need not allow the garden or greenhouse to get into a state when the work has to be regarded as a major chore and causes inconvenience. Always make a habit of removing faded blooms or other pieces of damaged plants promptly and cleanly (do not wrench them off) and deal with sickly plants immediately.

It often pays to be hard-hearted with sickly plants, especially if virus diseases are suspected. Plants showing yellowing, mottling, stunting or deformed leaves or flowers, are best burnt. Virus diseases can be carried to other healthy plants by sap-sucking insects.

In the greenhouse, some plants can be hosts to virus diseases without showing any obvious ill-health. Where tomatoes and cucumbers are grown it is not wise to grow ornamental plants with them, if this can be avoided. Many of these can spread virus diseases to your crops.

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