Garden Flowers All Year Round


As the season progresses early-flowering plants. Including many of the spring bulbs, will have finished blooming and have died down. To achieve continuity and a well furnished look, these gaps must be filled. In many cases the later-flowering perennials will reach maturity to obscure vacant spaces. Additionally, annuals, such as centaurea, clarkia and the deliciously scented stocks, mathiola, can be introduced. These will flower right up until the first of the winter hosts.

Nicotiana – The enticing fragrance of tobacco plants will fill an enclosed space. 30-90 x 30-45cm/1-3 x 1-1½ft

Lavandula – No garden should be without generous clumps of sweet-smelling lavender. 60 x 60cm+/2 x 2ft+ ♦ Clip lavenders hard back in the spring to rein in healthy, vigorous plants.





SUCCESSFUL FLOWER DISPLAYS are the result of much thought and effort.

Combinations are carefully considered and awareness is given to leaf form as well as to the colour of individual blooms.

Linum narbonense settles happily amongst the paving stones where its roots enjoy a cool run. 45 x 30cm/ 1½ x 1 ft

Plant Geranium sanguineum striatum at the front of the border to give a full, informal effect. 30 x 45cm/ 1 x 1½ft

Eryngium variifolium – The steely blue flower-heads of this sea-holly are rounded and spiky. 45 x 25cm/ 1½ft x 10in

Lychnis coronaria – A striking plain although the magenta flowers sometimes make it difficult to place. 45 x 45cm/1½ftx 1½ft

Eremurus bungei – Conspicuous foxtail lilies dominate plants in a border giving height and interest. 1.5m x 60cm/5 x 2ft

Hemerocallis – Clumps of red and orange day lilies convey the full heat of summer in this hot border. 1 x 1m/ 3 x 3ft

Geranium himalayense ‘Plenum’ – Lilac double flowers ensure the popularity of this appealing plant. 60 x 60cm/2 x 2ft

Argyranthemum ‘Jamaica Primrose’ – A most appealing tender marguerite for a warm spot. 1 x 1m/3 x 3ft

Campanula poscharshyana – This rockery campanula will quickly spread to cover a wide area. 25 x 60cm/ 10in x 2ft

Stachys macrantha is distinctive for its purplish-pink flowers. A good front-of-border plant. 45 x 45cm/1½ft x 1½ft




Now is an ideal time in which to plan alterations to the flower garden. A critical look at the borders will show up those plants which perform badly, those which have outgrown their allocated space and those whose colours clash.

Intended changes may be noted down in readiness for the autumn when plants may be lifted, divided and moved.

Acanthus spinosissimus – Purple-tipped bracts in elegant spikes make this a plant of distinction. 1.2m x 75cm/4 x 2½ft

Geranium psilostemon and Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’ – These two hardy geraniums create a dramatic effect when placed together. 60 x 60cm/2 x 2 ft

Lysimachia punctata – A colourful border plant hut one with a tendency to spread beyond hounds. 75 x 75cm/2½ftbx 2½ft

Dictamnus albus purpureas – Slow to establish but well worth taking trouble over. 60 x 60cm/2 x 2ft


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