Fuchsia ‘Winston Churchill’

This versatile and floriferous Fuchsia can be grown as either a bush or a half-standard plant. However, it is a difficult plant to over-winter successfully, and it may prove best to purchase plants anew each Spring. Plants in bloom will suffer considerable bud drop if exposed to bright sunshine through glass – common in early May – otherwise, take care to keep them out of bright sunlight prior to planting out. Flowering from Summer to late Autumn, F. ‘Winston Churchill’ is a useful plant for the Summer garden.

Grow at temperatures of 10-22°C (50-72°F) during — Summer. In Winter, this plant needs frost protection and should be taken inside before the first frosts. Keep it cool (around 9°C/48°F) to induce natural dormancy: gentle re-growth may be encouraged from March onwards, when temperatures may be increased a little.

Grow in full sun: plants indoors need bright, indirect light. Don’t induce early growth in Spring unless extra light can be provided. Water thoroughly as soon as the compost surface begins to dry. In Winter, keep the compost barely moist. Outside, this plant needs no additional humidity, nor will plants being over-wintered indoors in a cool environment.

Feed this plant from mid Spring onwards: at first, use a food high in nitrogen at about a third of the suggested strength every fortnight. Once the flower buds appear, change to a weekly dose of high-potassium feed at the recommended rate. Do not feed after mid September.

Repot this Fuchsia annually in Spring, using a good-quality, free- draining, loam-based compost.

Before regrowth starts in Spring, as a guide, prune each branch so that it retains two or three pairs of leaf nodes. Any further pruning is carried out by pinching-out; flowering will occur some 6-8 weeks after pinching.


Pests: Aphids, Red Spider Mite and Whitefly can cause severe damage. While plants outside are less prone to pest and disease attack, any pests noticed must be dealt with immediately.

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