Fescue: Festuca

This genus belongs to the Poaceae family and includes some 300-400 species of clump-forming, perennial grasses with linear, evergreen leaves and tiny, flat panicles of spikelets, produced throughout summer. A few species have become quite popular as ornamental grasses because they tolerate periods of drought and severe frost without suffering any damage. Neither are they choosy about position. Festu-caglauca, blue fescue, an evergreen grass 20 cm (8 in) tall with upright to arching, blue-green leaves and similarly blue-green panicles is particularly decorative. ‘Blaufuchs’ has bright blue leaves, ‘Blauglut’ silver-blue leaves and purple flowers and ‘Silbersee’ white blades; all three are very beautiful. Grasses grow best in sunny position in sandy, well-drained soil. Large specimens can be divided in spring.

10. July 2017 by admin
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