February Gardening

Weeding of all beds, whether flower or vegetable, should be attended to during this month and all borders hoed thoroughly.

Gravel paths can be examined for winter damage and repaired and given a spraying of weedkiller to keep them clear during the spring. Be careful however to keep the weedkiller away from growing plants.

The Flower Garden

Plant antirrhinums, lobelia and petunias for the flowering season, and choose a shady spot in the garden, under a wall is ideal for planting lilies of the valley where they can live permanently and increase naturally without being disturbed.

Hardy lilies can also be planted after first digging in some compost. Make a hole for each bulb and put into the bottom of the hole a handful of sand on which the base of the bulb can rest. Then cover with soil. This month is ideal for planting climbers such as clematis, honeysuckle and jasmine. They will establish themselves quickly, but always plant on a frost-free day.

Lawn Care

If worm casts have appeared on the surface a treatment of worm-killer should be applied. Although the general effect of worms is good from an aeration point of view the damage to the surface can be quite serious and in any case aeration can be easily dealt with by using a garden fork. There are rollers available with spikes attached which naturally do this job quickly and thoroughly but a garden fork punched into the lawn surface to a depth of about five inches will be a very satisfactory alternative. A dressing made up of 3 parts sand, 2 parts loam and 1 part peat may be brushed into the holes made by the fork.

Rose garden

Provided the weather is mild roses may be planted during this month.

Towards the end of the month a start can be made pruning floribunda roses which made good growth during the past season. A mulch of manure spread around the roots now will help to nourish the soil.


Dahlias and fuchsias which have begun to grow well can now be re-potted and cuttings taken from geraniums. If any mildew is seen around the greenhouse, a spraying of an ounce of potassium sulphide dissolved into three gallons of water will be found effective.

Lining the greenhouse glass with polythene sheets tacked onto the frames so that there is a gap between the plastic and the glass will greatly increase the temperature in the house as heat lost through glass is enormous. When the warmer summer weather arrives the sheets can be unfastened and stored for the next season.

The Fruit Garden

Fruit trees should now either be mulched with manure, or given a feeding of liquid manure according to instructions on the container.

Prune pear and plum trees this month, and prepare new beds that are wanted for strawberry plants.

Vegetable Garden

Start collecting sticks for pea and bean growing later in the season.

Broccoli not already harvested should have some leaves broken over the heads to protect them.

Sow brussells sprouts, cauliflowers and carrots together with a further sowing of lettuces. Lettuces already growing should be pricked out and covered with cloches.

It is now the time to plant out the seed potatoes which have been shooting in boxes.

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